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Our Projects

Malaysia Carbon Free Nation, Melaka Carbon Free City 2030

Masers Group of Companies




Masers Group of Companies developed its expertise and reputation in core business areas of energy and telecommunications.

In 2003, Masers Group of Companies was founded and started R&D operations in Malaysia and Singapore as a Power Line Communication (PLC) company.
2004: Masers achieved the world’s first longest transmission PLC connection.
2005: The Group was awarded Best R&D MSC ICT Awards for Long Distance Narrowband PLC..
2006 : Masers become an appointed Member in the Malaysia Industry Powerline Communication Working Group to develop and set the Standards for Malaysia BPL, adopted by the Malaysia Government.
2007: The first BPL access in Indonesia was esthabilised and Masers was appointed Chairman in the Malaysia Industry Powerline Communication Working Group. Masers’ Velchip Homeplug brand was introduced in North America, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.
2008 : Masers Group of Companies secured a concession for a significant number of Smart Community Centers in Indonesia.
2009 : A joint venture with foreign investors enabled the Group to serve the Smart Mosques project in Indonesia.
2010 : Masers Group of Companies introduced its business model to integrate Broadband Powerlines with Smart Grid Technology.
2011: The Smart Grid proposal is submitted to both the Malaysian government and the Melaka State Government and a MOU between Masers and Seagate Global is signed.
2012: The Group started the development of a Green Special Economic Zone in Rembia, Melaka as the first Nucleus Smart Grid Technology Park.
2013: Masers Group of Companies receives the endorsement by the Malaysian Government for a National Smart Grid and G-SEZ.
2014: Masers Energy Malaysia receives the highly prestigious International Award for Quality in Geneva, Switzerland.




Urban living is growing exponentially. By the year 2050, 70% of the worlds’ population will live in cities.

An exponential population growth in our cities means massive increases in energy consumption.

One of the key challenge that worldwide governments are facing, is to find solutions in energy production and distribution; to meet the demands in consumption whilst become and maintain to be environmentally friendly.

The challenges are to ensure a high-quality lifestyle for the citizens; simultaneously ensuring the implementation of energy distribution and production systems that includes addressing the issues of climate change.Sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources is not  only important; it has become a necessity!

There are great opportunities across South-East Asia and internationally for the implementation and integration of Smart Grids to existing power grids. This is becoming a necessity to ensure efficient distribution and generation of power to integrate Renewable Energy sources and implement an Electrical Vehicle infrastructure.

The deployment of Smart Grids are needed as well to accommodate new sources of supply and demand, such as electric vehicles, distributed solar power, micro grids, energy storage and efficient management. This is where Masers Energy steps in ‘to achieve today’s needs and address tomorrow’s requirements’.

We have developed a master plan to implement the Smart Grid technologies and solutions in line with the Government’s objectives in reducing Malaysia’s Carbon Emissions by 40% by the year 2020, with the aim of turning Malaysia into a Carbon Zero Nation!

Dato’ Seri Haji Suhaimi bin Haji Abdul Rahman
President and CEO

Earth Radiant Light Series - North America



At Masers Energy, ‘Digital Energy’ is more than a vision of tomorrow.

By developing and deploying the right technologies, products and services, Masers Energy actually makes it happen. Along with rapidly expanding our renewable capacity, we are devoting substantial resources to three key areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • E-mobility
  • Smart grids

These smart solutions for consumers and businesses will empower consumers to use energy efficiently and manage their usage more closely.

Our Smart Grid architecture will power networks for utilities around the world, including over 10 million devices that will be spread across a 640,000 square kilometres National Smart Grid deployment in Malaysia.

Masers Energy will coordinate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into a smart grid city; incorporating renewable energy sources, electric vehicle infrastructure, waste recycling and the Green Building Index (GBI).

Over the next decade, the arrival of millions of electric vehicles will make Asia’s transport sector less carbon intensive and the cities cleaner and more quiet.

Moreover, the batteries of these vehicles will constitute a large distributed storage system that will enable utility providers like Masers Energy to manage the intermittent output from renewables more efficiently.

The complex energy flows of an increasingly decentralized energy system will require an upgraded power grid with automated sensors, information availability and a new communications technology.

The new Smart Grid will play a leading role in transforming tomorrow into a low-carbon future.


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